Cheil Aqua very appreciate valuable customer with our heart for the customer supports with valuable love
We think that the driving force of Cheil Aqua in order to grow one of the best company which has been manufacturing and
exporting of Water Purifier, Bidet and Filter through the customer' s love and support
The product of Cheil Aqua are the water treatments which is essential needs for human body
Therefore, we definitely think that it must produce and sales of our product not only for
the simple profit only but also for enhancing & improving better healthy conditions for human body

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Cheil Aqua will do our best to produce and sales with "reliability product" through
endless R&D proceeding all the time as a master spirit

Thank you!
All member of Cheil Aqua


2014 Developed & Launched Port Type Nano Filter Water Purifier "POTI nano",
Electricity Cold & Hot Nano Filter Water Purifier "POTI nano+", "POTI nano Eco" on Lotte Home-Shopping,
Hyundai Home-Shopping.
2013 Developed & Launched New Port type Water Purifier "POTI" on Lotte Home-shopping, Hyundai Home-Shopping.
2010 Won Promising Enterprise certification by Government
2008 Acquired the Patent for Bidet
Moved the factory to Pyongtak-City
2005 Achieved USD30,000,000 sales by Home-Shopping Channel
2004 Developed & Launched Premium Bidet on Home-Shopping
2003 Acquired ISO 9001 & 14001 Certification & various kinds of certification including QAI, EMF, Q
2002 Established Cheil Aqua Co., Ltd.
Developed and Manufactured of Water Purifier Series for the Hot & Cool Water